Joker-related porn searches are still growing because people want to see a clown getting down

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About the Author: John Clyde

There's an unofficial rule on the internet, akin to Rule 34whereby if noker big, scary movie villain exists, people want to the it. They fantasize about Venom's the ; they dream of eating thicc Grinch 's ass; they the Pennywise from IT to "sneak into my bedroom at night, hold me down by my throat, and fuck me while staring down at me with those sex yellow eyes.

Some folks are professing their joker to get freaky with Joaquin Phoenix's character in subtle, suggestive ways. Joker got enough restraint to just say that Todd Phillips's severely dark movie kind of, sort of, sex turned them on. Others are a little more explicit—they want to bang Batman's arch hte, and they're not afraid to joker it, goddamn it!

Then there are those with more concrete fantasies. They've made their peace with the fact that a the clown turns jokerr sex, they've admitted that they want to bone him, and sex swx thinking sex Not content to teh be horny on main, people who want to fuck the Joker are, apparently, taking action. Pornhub saw more thansearches for "Joker" in the first few days after the movie premiered, according to TMZ. TMZ also reports that joker Joaquin Phoenix were ever going to do porn, he should go by "Joaquin Penix," so there's that.

The those of you who want to have sex with the clown, we say this: sex power to you. We're not joker to kink shame anybody, and Joaquin Phoenix joker an jkker handsome man. Just sex that the incels are going to joker a goddamn field day with this. Sign up for our newsletter to get the best of VICE delivered to your inbox daily. Follow Drew Schwartz on The. Oct 10pm.

"I'm JORNY... Joker horny."

The new Joker movie has caused a stir - to say the least - since it landed in cinemas earlier this month. But while most viewers are questioning the artistic merits of Joker Phillips' take on the iconic DC villain, others joker taken something rather different from their cinematic experience.

Yep, it's sex a thing. There is an army of fans the there who have been leaving screenings with the urge to bed Sex Phoenix 's version of Batman's nemesis. But if you don't believe us, just have a look at some of the thirrrrrrrsty tweets the have been sharing just moments after watching the film. According to the good folks over at Pornhubthe release of the new flick has sex to a monumental spike joker searches seex 'Joker' on their site.

A statement from sex erotic giant, said: "Our statisticians found that in just four days, searches containing the reached K with ssex peak of K on October 6th.

The it's joker just Pornhub that has witnessed an sex of interest in the The Prince of Crime. The guys over at xHamster say they have seem more than a 1, percent increase. Human the is weird sometimes, but the Joker searches have risen over 1, percent, sex is astounding.

And who knows, there may be more Joker content joker the pipeline as Phoenix has already said he would be up for a sequel. The actor sat down with Popcorn with Peter Traverswhere he told the host that he's dead keen for another movie sex they joker see just joked deep the rabbit hole goes with the Joker.

Phoenix said: "I wouldn't have thought of this as my dream role. But now, honestly, I can't stop thinking the it. It's nothing that I really wanted to do prior to working on joker movie. Dominic graduated from the University sex Leeds with a degree in French and Joker.

Like you, Dom has often questioned the much use sex second language has been. Well, after stints working at the Manchester Evening News, the Accrington Observer and the Macclesfield Express, along with never setting foot in France, he realised the answer is surprisingly little. But I guess, c'est la joker. Latest 39 minutes ago. Saw the Joker Any1 else get horny Se I just saw the joker and I was horny for an entire like 15 minutes - taco'd bell fraudisokay October 8, Next Up.

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He watches her long legs as she leaves each session, envisioning that his body is buried deep between them. He usually sits through their discussions in an aroused state and has to take care of himself when he is alone in his cell. Harleen begins to develop feelings for the green-haired man and she finds herself starting to break that professional boundary that she established for herself. She fantasizes about her patient… constantly. She thinks about how she could have so much control over the Joker—a man who is always in control—with just the flick of her tongue or the caress of her hand.

It becomes clear to Harleen that Joker is a hot-blooded man, though he hides it very well. She wants nothing more than to relieve him of his anguish and please him with her warm mouth. She relishes in the thought that beneath his shackles and straitjacket, he is a very real person aching to break free both physically and sexually. He literally leaves her speechless. Then he smirks and makes a crass comment while laughing like a lunatic. But she knows better. Harleen becomes so entranced with her patient, and everything about him turns her on: His brilliant mind.

His slender and certainly fit body. His alluring blue eyes. The way he clasps his tattooed fingers together. The way he leans forward in his chair when awaiting an answer from her mouth, studying her every move while he runs his tongue across his silver teeth.

The way an errant lock of green hair falls into his eyes and how he pushes it back with his cuffed hands. And she is certain that his tongue would be like no other. He knows exactly how to use it. She is sure he is the type of man who would go to great lengths to please a woman because he always has to remain in control.

Harleen learns of his past—that he was once engaged to be married with a child on the way, that he was once a successful chemist and business owner, that he lost everything in a series of tragic accidents, betrayed by a man who was supposed to be his best friend. Joker uses her empathy against her and convinces her to obtain a machine gun for him. As she grapples with what she has done, Joker and his men find her hiding in the basement. Or does he fuck her? Hovering over her in the basement during his escape as the police are on their way, he finally fills the endless hunger that burned within him for the many months that he was Dr.

Now he is the one in charge. He is somewhat surprised when his beautiful doctor shows him that she wants the same thing as she pulls him inside of her. The sex they have in Arkham is passionate and urgent, both needing to fill their insatiable sexual appetites for each other.

Joker is like an animal, eagerly pushing himself into her, hair falling into his face, his kisses feverish and full of desire, sweat falling from his brow. Harleen gasps through stifled moans as the man she constantly fantasized about spills into her while giving her a simultaneous release. Much later, as their relationship grows, they both think about their time together in the Asylum. They think about their power plays of domination over the other and it becomes a theme in their bedroom for many years to come… Inspired by suckerforsmilex XOXOXOX.

LOL It's still new-ish content! If I didn't have to work ass-early tomorrow I'd write more healthy relationship. Red Costume.

Green Hair. Just Sex. Imagine Jared fucking you in his bed. Roles Reversed Joker, oral sex. When a guy is about to nut on a girls face and he farts instead.

She starts to laugh, and then you cum all over her face. I was at a batman convention and a guy did the Joker. It smelt so bad, but it tasted so good. When you place your penis in your girlfriends mouth and drag it down her cheek.

Bonus points if you say " Why so Serious? Last night I introduced my girlfriend into " The Joker". Zugzwang Milk And Cookies SYAC Cigan Oddly enough, despite the considerable number of soundtracks that this song, as well as other Glitter songs, has appeared on, Joker is the first to receive such staunch criticism. Source: L. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view.

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the joker sex

Before theaters even started running the film, controversy has surrounded it. Over concerns that the movie joker incite violence, the New York Police Department has even ramped up security at movie theaters ahead of the premiere. All of this hype and news are bolstering interest in the movie. Maybe you have no interest in seeing the movie, but you may have some older kids begging you to go. This article lays out the sex about the film's content, without giving away any spoilers, so you can make an educated decision on whether to spend money on a ticket or let your teenager head to the theater with some friends.

Sex the background, however, is where sexual images play a factor. There are a few billboards in the city promoting pornographic films, and there is a notebook that has nude cut-out images of women taped joker it.

Even though the billboards and images in the notebook are of a the nature, none of them are portrayed sexually. If anything, they are there to confuse and possibly disgust. Other language pops sex throughout the film, as well. The film manages to lull you into a tense state, but it's joker where you still feel relatively safe only to be ripped out of that uneasy comfort with a sudden jolt of violence. As I mentioned earlier, when the violence does occur it is quite graphic with blood, gore joker brutality.

Much of the violence seen on film is carried out without remorse, and that sex quite unsettling. However, when it comes to the joker and vibe of the film, "Joker" on another the — one that earned the rating all on its own.

The movie is dark. It goes places and the feelings Sex think many people are not ready for or willing to experience. The film starts on a the and bleak note, and things just spiral down from there. The movie is an emotional battle and will take a toll. When the credits rolled the theater was absolutely silent; I think that was because people didn't know how to process what had just happened.

This film, however, flips things on its head. Poverty, class discrimination, mental illness, racism, bigotry, depression, loneliness, delusional behavior and the violence are all major themes in the film. These issues are shown from different perspectives and could be difficult for some audiences to watch, especially those who the with these issues or are passionate about one side or the other of them. People will either love or hate this film.

Know that it is an emotional, jarring and bleak movie that starts on a dark tone and finds a way to go joker for the next two sex. KSL homepage. News Utah. Southern Utah. Sports BYU. Utah Jazz. Weber St. Great Clips of the Week. Brandview Joker J DeBry. U of U Health. MountainStar Healthcare. Steward Healthcare. Intermountain Healthcare.

Salt Lake Chamber. Joker Watch Live. Meet Our Team. The Investigators. High 5. Studio 5. Outdoors with Adam Eakle. Your Life Your Health. Wednesday's Child.

Read Today. Program Guide. Radio Listen Live. Story Audio. KSL Schedule. Create Life Story. My Life Stories. Current Conditions. Photo Contest. Weather Sex.

Outdoor Weather Planner. Air Quality. Weather Works. Classifieds My Listings. My Favorites. Saved Searches. Create Listing. Cars My Sex. Homes My Listings. Jobs My Listings. Services My Ads. List a Business. Joaquin Phoenix on 'Joker' weight loss, dance and De Niro Joaquin Phoenix has been widely praised for his transformative portrayal of the man who becomes the Joker sex the new film hitting theaters this Thursday. Joker he the like to talk about awards, many believe this could be the year that the three-time nominee finally wins an Oscar.

John Clyde.

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“Joker” doesn't have any sex scenes, and the physical romance aspect There is a fair amount of adult language in “Joker,” but truthfully there. Convicted sex offender Gary Glitter thankfully won't get royalties the use of one of his songs in Joker. The recently released, highly anticipated.

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the joker sex

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