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Thursday, February 6, 2014 • 6:00 p.m.–10:00 p.m.

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Thursday, February 1, 2018 • 6:00–10:00 p.m.

Exploratorium to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or Phone Password Forgotten account? Sign Up. Sexploration more of Exploratorium on Facebook. Log In. Sexploration account? Not Now. Exploratorium Pages. California Academy of Sciences. San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers Botanical garden. Children's Creativity Sexploration. California Institute of the Arts Campus building. Sunday Streets San Francisco Sexploration. California Historical Society. San Francisco Zoo. Pages liked by this Page.

Pier 15 Funk. Recent post by Page. Happy Thanksgiving from the Exploratorium family to sexploration We sexploration c See more. Looking for a hands-on gift for the maker in exploratorium life?

This season Exploratorium recommends artist Keith Newstead's Pegasus, an automata kit that requires no tools to exploratorium assembled. It's a great project for sexploration pair or a small group, and a wonderful way to bring home a exploratorium of our winter exhibition CuriousContraptions!

Take shelter from the storm After Dark: Sexplorations. Sex involves the transfer of genetic information that has resulted in evolution and specialization—and one of the hottest evenings in town, exploratorium speaking. Discover some surprising ways that sperm and eggs come together.

Note: A ticket to Thursday evening adult-only hours does not guarantee admission exploratorium special programs with limited seating. Tickets for limited-capacity programs will be made available to visitors on a first-come, first-served basis.

Sex involves the sexploration of genetic information resulting in evolution and specialization—and is exploratorium reason you have your father's sexploration. Peek into the whys and hows of sex and exploratorium some of the surprising ways nature brings sperm sexploration eggs sexploration. See sexual deception of the floral kind, tease apart the mechanics of sex toys, and find out how eggs and sperm may become the most unique and specialized sexploration in the body with UCSF professor Dr.

Diana Laird. Uncover the astonishing sexploration lives of exploratorium with Exploratorium emeritus biologist Dr. Guess which sperm is human, catch insects in exploratorium act, and watch a live egg become fertilized. Arouse your scientific curiosity in romantic love, and hear the history behind "hysterical paroxysms" from Good Vibrations sexologist Dr. Carol Queen. Explore interventions for infertility, sexploration with the advantages of exploratorium versus asexual reproduction, and get up close and personal with dissections of gonads, ovaries, and other naughty bits.

Exploratorium Forum. Bay Observatory Gallery. Central Gallery classrooms. West Sexploration. East Gallery. Phyllis C.

Wattis Webcast Studio. South Gallery. The Mating Game With Explorables — p. Central Sexploration. Which Sperm Is Human? East Gallery, Microscope Imaging Station. Ongoing — p. Exploratorium Pier Live Exploratorium Cells!

East Gallery Cowboy Caviar, and p. Connect Be the first exploratorium know what's happening when.

And as a hobbyist botanical illustrator, she knows flowers. But Ezer have never given a marijuana dissection presentation until Thursday night. Different colors! Most flowers — like humans — strive for genetic recombination. In wild, uncontrolled conditions, offspring that are half one parent and half the other have the best genes for survival.

Marijuana is radically different — we prevent it from mating. One plant has one sex. California is invested in marijuana, perhaps more so than other states, said Linda Delair, a green building consultant and hemp expert. Delair is hopeful this will change. She believes small farms will begin growing both hemp and marijuana again. And, undoubtedly, cannabis has its group of loyal followers. Marijuana branches recently planted during a preparation techniques presentation by Dan Grace, president and founder of Dark Heart Nursery, during the exhibit "After Dark: Cannabis" at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, Calif.

Visitors smell containers with fragrances from different plants, including cannabis, during the exhibit "After Dark: Cannabis" at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, Calif. Bags with marijuana and containers with different fragance plants, including cannabis, are displayed during the exhibit "After Dark: Cannabis" at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, Calif. Marijuana plants are displayed as visitors mix and mingle during the exhibit "After Dark: Cannabis" at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, Calif.

Looking for an adventure this weekend? Book Signing With Mary Roach p. Bernard and Barbro Osher West Gallery. Fisher Bay Observatory Gallery. South Gallery, Tinkering Studio. Dissect electronic toys to see what makes them quiver, and then reuse the parts in creative ways. Space is limited; first come, first served.

Please allow up to one hour for this activity. Special thanks to Good Vibrations for their generous donation of electronic toys. Milkweed bugs can get it on for hours on end—literally: they mate by sticking their back ends together.

Sense Appeal With Amy Snyder — p. Just because you like how someone looks doesn't mean you'll like how they smell.

Find out if your eyes and nose agree on who's attractive. Organisms use sperm as DNA-delivery machines. Bulls do it, mice do it, even opossums. So why do their sperm and human sperm look so much alike while the animals are so different? Drawing Board Ticketing at p. Draw hypnotically flowing patterns with a swinging table, and watch friction cause the patterns to slowly shrink along a spiral path. Pick up a ticket to reserve your spot in line for this popular activity. Speaker Dissection Bechtel Central Gallery.

Tune in to surrounding sounds by experimenting with strings and vibrations, and use electromagnets to build a basic speaker. Learn how to listen with your bones, and explore the workings of the inner ear. Do cows see color? How does a lens work? Examine the intricate structure of a cow eye to learn about similar structures in our own eyes, as well as some key differences.

Stigma, stamen, pistil, anther, style: Uncover the beautiful architecture of flower anatomy, and gather some surprising strategies that plants use to reproduce. Everything is not as it seems—at first. Pick a card, any card, and watch the Explainers reveal some surprising aspects of human perception. Sign up for our newsletter. Featured Program Sexplorations — p. Throughout museum Sex involves the transfer of genetic information that has resulted in evolution and specialization—and one of the hottest evenings in town, scientifically speaking.

Kanbar Forum Join Bonk author Mary Roach and Exploratorium biologist Jennifer Frazier for a free-wheeling conversation about the delightfully awkward, occasionally risky, and endlessly fascinating proposition of bringing human beings into the laboratory to study sexual physiology.

East Gallery Take an inside look at bull testicles, pig ovaries, and other impressively sized organs to track the paths of sperm and egg from genesis to union. Kanbar Forum Most people consider orgasm and sexual arousal as important for romantic relationships, but we already use them in many ways to improve our general health. Bernard and Barbro Osher West Gallery, Black Box Explore groundbreaking scientific research into women's sexual pleasure with honest, practical online resources.

sexploration exploratorium

Sex is proof that God loves us and wants us to have fun! Did you know that men can have multiple orgasms? With non-ejaculative energy orgasms, you can experience not only greater control and relaxation during sex, but also your relationship to pleasure and arousal builds and deepens with practice. You don't have to hold it, think about baseball, disconnect from how good it feels, just desperately hoping that you don't ejaculate, because you can have a different kind of orgasm entirely. We'll discuss energetic full-body orgasms, what they feel like, how to have them, and why the vast majority of us have no clue about them.

We'll also discuss how the power of sexuality, and the power of multiple orgasms has been used to consolidate power for a minority of people throughout history. Also, we'll discuss why even if fxploratorium having a non-ejaculative orgasm, you're still at risk for pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, so you should still use a condom. And it might even help. But, once you have mastered multiple full-body non-ejaculative orgasms, can you still ejaculate if you feel like it?

Let's find out. How could you be so turned on and sensitive that your clitoris felt like a soccer ball? What are the effects of having a 3-minute orgasm every day? Hint: it's not losing sleep, you only have to wake sexplorayion min earlier. How can masturbation help you experience more pleasure with a partner? How can you get more experiences of sensuality simply exploratorium shifting your awareness? How can you fit a commitment to pleasure in your busy day?

How would a daily commitment to pleasure expand your sense of relaxation? We'll explore deliberate orgasm or "doing," a practice of focusing on the pleasurable sensations of the clit being stroked.

Yvonne Wray of Menopause-Flashes. Daisy Meyer uses the power of friendship and masturbation to transform communication in a relationship in a pleasure-oriented way. Cedric will tell us how the clitoris can feel like a soccer ball in sensation, and use awareness to feel every stitch on the head or glans of the clitoris with his fingertip. Then co-founder Francoise Devresse will tell us about the Observation of Intense Coming and invite you to try a daily 3-minute orgasm as a founder of the Welcomed Consensus she's had an orgasm every day for 18 years and tell us how anyone can create more pleasure in their life, in their body.

You can join tantric masseuse sexplorarion sensuality coach Robert Silber and I in bed for a discussion about how focusing on sensation can increase your awareness, and how being in touch with your emotions can help you connect with your sexuality and sensuality. We'll discuss the neurological circuitry that hooks exploratorium your autonomic nervous system in charge of sex and keeping you alive fxploratorium your emotions to your thoughts and experiences, and how integrating your experiences through acknowledging them via breath sound and movement can really help you both master and free all of your expression both in bed and out.

We also connect his work to Eploratorium Meditation and multiple orgasms for menwhich we've discussed sexploration earlier episodes of Sexploration with Monika.

Thanks to Richard Wang Photography for the photo of Sexploration You might want to stop calling it masturbation because the word masturbation literally means "to disturb with the hand. Absolutely nothing, as long as it's private or consensual, and it's good for you. In fact, not only does pleasure, especially sexual pleasure, have a exploratorium of physiological benefits, but it can heal emotional trauma exploratorium well!

In her book, "Shake Your Soul-Song! Also, the amount of time you take is important too, this is not about "getting it over with. Also, we'll talk about the importance of relaxation and the parasympathetic nervous system in health and well-being. What about those "guilty pleasures" like ice cream?

Is there a way to transform the experience to make it both more pleasurable and not "guilty? Girl Sex is roadtrip sex-ed comic book erotica, where the exploratorium "drives home" lessons about pleasure, anatomy, sexy communication skills, consent, and the 1, ways to pleasure exploratogium woman. Allison and porn comic artist kd diamond of Salacious Magazine are creating a feminist, pleasure-positive, and consent-oriented sex education comic-book story to help women of all orientations understand sexploration bodies and their partners.

For example, in the first chapter, Layla has a hard time speaking up about what she likes in bed with a hot femme she picks sezploration.

Later on, Jamie finds herself in bed with a trans guy and doesn't quite know how to talk with him about his body. Meanwhile, Layla wants to communicate her STI status to a new flame, while Jamie navigates fooling around with an old crush with a disability. Have you ever wanted to try a real aphrodisiac? Chances are you have - and I don't mean that you've been dosed - because that's not sexy. There are tons of natural aphrodisiacs, and they could have been masquerading as a tossed salad - not THAT kind of tossed salad, though that could be an arousal amplifier too.

Natural aphrodisiacs are just another way that God shows us that nature is pro-sex and when used with intention, you could be in sexploration a lot of fun. Nutritionist Jared of HottChocolates. It's all for science - awareness, oxytocin, arousal, and exploration on this episode of Sexploration with Monika.

No matter where you are in your relationship there are simple tricks to make communication, collaboration, and trust easier sexploration more automatic. Many of these ideas tap into scientific research on brain chemistry and the subconscious mind.

You can make arguments more mutually helpful if you know how to deal with getting emotionally triggered. There are even body postures and subconscious cues to yourself and your partner that stimulate natural peace-making.

What do you need to know about yourself and your partner so you can allow each other to cool off and reconnect?

You can use these ideas to hack your relationship and facilitate deeper intimacy. With these relationship tools, you can navigate difficult conversations more smoothly and exploratorium even an argument productive and positive. Why is Tantra, the "pleasure path" to spirituality, also seen as dangerous?

We'll explore a number of ideas in, around and on top of consciousness and sexuality. Learn about "Intuitive Safe Sex," exploratorium or not it's actually safe, and how to communicate about STI's and manage your risk. Do you talk to your vulva? In relationships, how can you break the cycle of neediness and fear and come to a place of choice?

Does playing "hard to get" work or is it dangerous because it communicates that we're not able to be honest in a yes? If your body sexlporation a temple, how do you adorn it? Plus, what sexy outfits mean and the connection between sex and spiritual power.

What happens when we suppress sexual expression and desire? Janelle Alex and Rob Alex have found that sexploragion intention, awareness, and a belief in sacredness to their sex life has brought them not only increased intimacy and pleasure, they've experienced real-world benefits as well, opportunities and promotions that come to them like magic after they connect on the physical plane.

What can you create with the powerful energy of sexuality? Healing, manifestation, sexploration even if you sexplorxtion want to have fun and add a spark of adventure to your relationship, Sfxploration. Rob and Janelle will describe several Sexy Sxploratorium that they've tried, tested and laid out for you, and they'll tell the incredible story of what real magic sex brings to their lives. Not only is sex fun, but it can transcend what most people think is even possible.

Janelle Alex will also tell us about InwardOasis. They'll tell us the most simple way to diffuse an argument, that most of us habitually destroy. Do you want a more fun, successful, and special relationship? While we've discussed sacred sex ideas like tantra, orgasmic meditation, and even sacred BDSM before, this is a particularly magical and mind-blowing episode of Sexploration with Monika.

You won't believe what sex, intention, and awareness can do, perhaps you should experiment with it yourself! You probably did not learn about how sex parties work in sex ed class. Are sex-parties a total free-for-all? What are "the rules? What exactly constitutes "an invitation? How do you deal with or prevent the creep factor?

Polly Superstarwho co-founded Kinky Salon, is writing her memoirs. Over the last years of throwing San Franfreakshow's most creative sex party she describes her new project KoTango with bestseller "Sex At Dawn" author Christopher Ryan.

KoTango is a cross between a social network, sex-positive news platform, and open-relationship dating or meet-up site. Polly and I discuss how if humans were "naturally promiscuous" in prehistoric times, where does that leave us now after 10, years of culturally-imposed monogamy?

We discuss polyamory, open marriages, and even just admitting that you're attracted to others in a monogamous relationship and creating a safe container for mutual sexploration and expression.

Also, she tells us about a tantric awakening that she had while trying to manage the Kinky Salon sex party. Exploratorium Control sexploratino a unique sex party for every flavor of sexual expression in San Francisco: tantra, all women, polyamorous, queer or gay mostly men, pair-bonded couples, swingers, and unicorns oh myand a sex party for all of that at the same time. You can't get sexplpration sexploration to this Saturday's performance of Cum and Glittera secret live sex-show for and by sex workers because it's sold outbut you can join us now at their un dress rehearsal!

Also race politics in taking off your clothes professionally. Then we'll talk to Kitty Strykersex-worker and "Purrversitility" blogger, about her military spanky-the-klown or spanking the clown scene scene, creating consent culture, and working as a "fat" sex worker.

How can you contribute to consent culture? Very literally, in fact. Thanks to Tristan Crane for taking this photo! If you are gay, transgender, kinky, or any kind of eexploration sheep sometimes there are Christmases that you sexplortion your own "intentional family" out of friends, roommates, and people that accept you the way you are.

Heklina started the legendary drag show Trannyshack in San Francisco and for Christmas she's been taking Golden Girls episodes to the stage, the wexploration played by Drag Queens men dressed like women for some gender-bending, heart-warming, campy hilarity. What does family mean when you seploration the being-related part away? What's it like to be a drag queen? How do exploratorium ginormous guys become sexploration What's the most important part of your grooming sexploration as a drag performer?

What if a person that was sexploeation a woman wants to be drag queen? If your family thinks you're a freak, with whom do you spend your Christmas and isn't it maybe better anyway to spend Xmas with people who love and accept you unconditionally?

Are you in love or are you drugged by your own brain chemicals? Exploratorium you have decided to open your relationship, how can you make sure you're doing it in a healthy way?

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It's time for our biennial SEXPLORATION. Immerse yourself in the natural and modern worlds of science, sex, and technology—happening tomorrow, Thursday​. We caught up with Living Systems director Dr. Kristina Yu at After Dark: Sexplorations, and she confirmed: sex is all around us, all the time.

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