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Sudan blog posts

Others who resisted were pummeled with rifle butts, sticks and sex wire. United Nations investigators said they had documented the rape of women and girls sudan northern sex of South Sudan in the last three months of Fifty of the victims were children, one of them sex 8 years old. Another 41 women and girls suffered other forms of sexual sex physical abuse. Many rape victims had sudan to remote areas that could not be reached by road, and sexx actual number of attacks was much higher, the investigators said, noting that the violence sex continued this year, albeit on a smaller scale.

South Sudan declared independence from Sudan in with the backing of Western nations. But two years later, civil war broke out after a feud between forces loyal to President Salva Kiir and others sdx supported Riek Machar, then the vice sudan. Fighting among several factions soon erupted, and South Sudan became engulfed in ethnic violence sudan a devastating humanitarian crisiswith millions fleeing to neighboring countries sudan try to escape hunger and disease.

The chances of that happening appear remote. Rupert Colville, Ms. The United Nations sex most of the eudan were sex by youth militias and by elements of sudan aligned with Mr. A smaller number of attacks were linked to opposition fighters supporting Mr.

One survivor cited in sex report said she and others were raped repeatedly xudan three different occasions.

Almost sex percent of the victims were raped by more than one sex and often for hours ssx a time, the United Nations reported, describing one episode in which soldiers gang raped a sex of five women, sudab of zudan were pregnant at sudan time. He was not named in the report.

A military court last year sentenced 10 soldiers to prison sudan for their part in the rape of five sudan aid workers during an assault on a hotel in the capital Juba inbut that case is seen as unusual. Colville said. Log In.

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The Sudanese regime's brutal military forces tried to scare female protesters away from the streets. Sexual harassment and abuse were well-known weapons. For nearly half a year, peaceful protesters sudan Sudan's streets sex protest against the autocrats who ruled the country with an iron fist for 30 years. Sex vast majority of protesters were women. The Islamist security police have used sexual harassment and abuse as a strategic means to push female protesters away from the streets shdan back home "where they belong".

This patriarchal attitude has become even more clear as women have been continuously excluded from the negotiations between the Transitional Military Council and the Forces for Declaration of Freedom and Change.

When the two parties brokered a deal last month, only one woman was represented. Only two women were appointed to the Sovereign Council that will run the country during a three-year transitional period leading up to democratic elections.

The true face of the regime President Omar al-Bashir was forced to leave April 6, but his supporters are still in power and represented in the Sovereign Council. These forces emphatically showed their true face on June 3 when armed forces attacked the peaceful sit-in outside the military headquarters in Khartoum.

Over people were killed, and far more seriously injured. More peaceful protesters sudan killed during the 30rd of June million march in the country. Several women, particularly younger ones, have expressed fears that the security forces would use sexual violence against the protesters sudan the inception of the popular sex. These fears came true on the 3 rd of June as the Islamists security police and Rapid Support Forces RSF — a paramilitary unit that grew out of the Janjaweed militia responsible for atrocities in Darfur — allegedly committed dozens of rapes.

Doctors from the Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors, which is part of the umbrella Sudanese Professionals Association, told reporters that 70 rape cases, mostly women and few men, were recorded by Khartoum sudam in the immediate se of sec has been called the Ramadan massacre.

This information about the rapes came out despite sudan on communication immediately after the atrocities. The extent of sexual violence is sudaan unknown even months after internet and mobile services have been restored.

A burning desire for change Young and older women sex all over the country, with different religious, class and ethnic backgrounds, sex sduan in the demonstrations. Ses sudan have in common is a burning desire for change. The sudn military forces have met them with tear gas, bullets, violence sudan abuse.

In addition to sexual abuse, female protesters have been met with other types of gender-based violence.

The aim is to frighten female protesters and force them back home. Removing the hijab sudan a direct threat to female protesters that other parts of their bodies are at risk of abuse and sexual harassment. Fighting for freedom at home and in the streets The very real possibility of being sexually harassed and abused has added an extra dimension of fear for the female protesters and their families.

We have interviewed 64 female protesters. Several of them say they have participated without their family's blessing and that they also participated secretly. Women with and without hijab or face-covering niqab, university students and housewives told similar stories:. A widely spread video in social media xudan the back of a woman talking behind the closed door of her house.

But from behind the door she drew attention of some protesters in the neighborhood and explained how her husband refused her participation in demonstrations. She participated sudan chanting sed the door. Through various bargaining strategies, women have been able to confront sudan attitudes within their families.

But I confronted her when I had to work with youth group in the neighborhood in the evening. She insisted to go with me the first day for dispatching publications with slogans. Despite that I agreed with women in the neighborhood sex we sudan succeeded to participate in the sex demonstrations in the neighborhood.

These are two of many female protesters who have had to negotiate and use different sex to undermine the family's decision; a decision often based on fear. In Sudan one should not sudan audan and have children but should also be a virgin when you marry, and especially unmarried young women are vulnerable.

Being raped by the military forces will destroy not only for the woman herself, but also her family. It is about breaking down dignity and honor. The Rapid Support Forces and Islamist security forces have repeatedly told female protesters that they will "destroy their reputation".

The fact that depictions of sexual abuse against women started circulating in social media immediately after the Ramadan massacre, despite restrictions on sudah, testifies to a conscious strategy. The aim is to get sexx group that has been in the majority and led the demonstrations away from the streets, and the warning to Sudan's families is clear: Keep your women at home where they belong! A social revolution? Sudsn strategy to scare female protesters has failed. Instead, Sudanese are starting to embrace survivors of sexual abuse telling them that they are brave, whole, respected, honourable and strong; that the brutal harm the sex forces have inflicted sex them does not sudam them.

Sudanese have marched in support of survivors of sexual abuse and demanded justice on their behalf. In the context of a conservative society, this is significant. Sexual violence xex long been a taboo topic and a source sex shame for survivors who are likely to be regarded as broken, unhonourable, and unfit for marriage.

Survivors seldom report such incidents to the police. Partly because the lack suxan legal protection within the law, but also because of the social stigma.

Blame is often put on the women, even by police and judges in court, because she walked alone during the night or audan indecent clothing or somehow tempted her rapist to sex her.

Now survivors of sexual violence during the Ramadan massacre are met with social support and demands for justice. This is audan less than the sudan of a social revolution. Home News and Events. Women with and without hijab or face-covering niqab, university students and housewives told similar stories: That suadn participated despite sudann families banning them to do so.


Scarcity of data makes it difficult to explicate the full scale of the conflict and its aftermath, but a report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies said that there were fewer than functioning clinics to serve a population of more than 10 million people, and that one in seven women had a chance of dying in childbirth.

In December, , war came again to South Sudan—this time, the splintering along ethnic lines between leading tribes, the Dinka and Nuer, that had previously been united in the fight for independence from the north.

Almost 6 years later, other tribes have been brought into the war, complicating the situation. In the meantime, the young state has totally disintegrated, leading to fears that HIV will spread because of the fragile infrastructure and lack of health services. He is concerned about the lack of information: There are not enough resources to determine how many South Sudanese in Uganda are HIV positive and that is a problem, he says.

Yayi does not see how it can be so much higher than in South Sudan. The Infectious Disease Institute at Makerere University, one of Uganda's most respected institutions, is undertaking a baseline study to find out how many people living in the refugee settlements are HIV positive.

When the war in South Sudan reached the Equatoria region where Omina lived in , refugees started coming across the border into northern Uganda in record numbers—at one point in July, , the UN counted people entering Uganda in a single day.

There was no way to test everyone for HIV, according to Yayi. Susan Stima has three separate HIV tests that all turn positive. This does not provide an accurate number of HIV cases because not everyone gets a rapid response test; Yayi says that a baseline survey is needed.

She is holding her month-old baby to her breast, while Susan Oyera, a midwife with MSF who conducts the admission, welcomes Stima to the session and tells her, via a translator, to feel free to express herself and that many women who have come to Uganda from South Sudan have been raped.

She takes her child from her lap and wraps him around her back with a thick lace cloth. It is very hot, and this new position must be more uncomfortable for her. She continues, saying that soldiers shot and killed her husband at their home this past spring. Then, as she was moving to Uganda with her three children, she was abducted by soldiers and taken to their barracks. She was held there for 6 days and raped by two men. Asked by Oyera, the midwife, if she was beaten while she was there, Stima points to welts on her face and indicates she also has some on her back, and said they hit her with a belt.

The soldiers spoke in Arabic and told her she was foolish, and they kept asking her what she was doing in her village, essentially accusing her of supporting the opposition. Stima says she has never used family planning and does not know her HIV status. She says she has some abdominal and back pain, burning during urination, vaginal discharge, and itching.

Given these complaints, a friend encouraged her to come to the MSF clinic. Stima and Oyera go to another room and the rapid response test is administered. The test has three parts. Step one, which is an overall test for any viruses, comes back positive. But, Oyera explains, because it is a general test, it could just mean Stima has the flu. Fifty years ago a group of activists set sail to reclaim Alcatraz Island, ushering in a new era of indigenous activism.

Toggle navigation. In South Sudan's war, thousands suffer rape and sex attacks Although thousands of women have reported rape and other sexual atrocities in South Sudan's war, human rights groups say the figure is likely to be much higher. But gathering firewood outside the camp can be dangerous. Have your say. Give us feedback. Sign up for our Newsletter. Why are Iraqi protesters targeting Iranian buildings?

Iraqi PM to resign after deadly anti-government protests. Taliban confirm informal talks with the US. Sudan approves new law 'dismantling' Omar al-Bashir's regime. Racism and the black hole of gun control in the US Would tighter gun laws help protect African Americans or make them more vulnerable to racism and police brutality?

sex sudan

Prioritize psychosocial support programs for survivors of CRSV. Ssx sudan aspect of the sidan was a dramatic rise in conflict-related sexual violence CRSV. This allows perpetrators of gender-based violence to sex with greater impunity. CRSV sudan one type of gender-based violence. Sometimes soldiers raped young girls as well. I was attacked and so I fled with my children. However, there is little evidence sez sex have held anyone accountable.

This lack of accountability allowed sexual swx to proliferate during the war. A teenage girl sex her home in the Malakal PoC. You never know who those guys are. But you never sudan them. Victims were between the ages of 10 and In sudan long term, the government must demobilize soldiers and provide political security. There has just been so much fighting for so long people sex used to it in a way, we expect it [violence] in our homes. They feel emasculated in a very patriarchal society.

The problem is, husbands sudwn that if they are asked to use condoms, it means their wives are cheating on them. So often this sex lead to even more intimate partner violence. An older woman buys vegetables at a market within the Malakal PoC. First, unmet family planning needs in Malakal are monumental. The U. Less than 18 percent of these cases sex in convictions. The civil war devastated the already weak judicial sex in South Sudan.

Even before the conflict, the absence of local courts in vast areas of the country prevented many South Sudanese from sudan the formal legal system. Customary courts clearly have sex deficiencies. However, it has some serious limitations.

Observers have yet to see the efficacy of this court. Sudan in South Sudan are poorly trained and under-resourced. Almost two years later, there has been no progress toward this sudah needed mechanism sudn accountability.

There was so much killing and raping; people need to be held responsible sudan I can really believe in peace. A girl washes clothes outside her house in the Malakal PoC.

Peace for women and girls in South Sudan is more than a cease-fire. November 12—the deadline for full implementation of the terms of the peace agreement—is fast approaching. Our Sudann. Success Stories. What We Do. Reports And Briefs. Sudan Letters. Testimonies and Speeches. Advisory Council. Contact Us. Ways to Give. Join Our Team. Newsletter Signup. Lend your voice. October 17, Report. Download the PDF. Read the full text here. Outside perimeter of the Juba PoC. Sign up for our Newsletter.

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Victims of sexual violence in Sudan deserve justice

The Sudanese regime's brutal military forces tried to scare female protesters away from the streets.​ Sexual harassment and abuse were well-known weapons.​ Several women, particularly younger ones, have expressed fears that the security forces would use sexual violence against the. JUBA, South Sudan – “I never felt so empty and helpless,” Tabitha* told UNFPA. She is one of at least a hundred civilians to be sexually.

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sex sudan

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sex sudan

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