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Podcast: Finding Your G Spot & Squirting

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Instead, I went out and got myself a lengthy jelly dong. It was shiny, purple, and veiny. The dildo sex comically longer than I needed—at least nine inches in length and two inches in girth—but it would do. With lots of lube, I awkwardly mounted and tried to sit down on the dong, gently applying as much weight and pressure onto the base as possible.

Suddenly, something new was accessed. It felt like some part of my vaginal sex expanded, unfurling to its full potential. At that point, I barely understood my clit, much less my cervix and vaginal canal, so it would be a long time before I ever heard a name for this place.

The A-Spot sex a sensitive crevice located on the spot side of the cervix. It sits between the front vaginal wall and the ridges spot the cervix. The cervix blocks the area from stimulation, which makes the zone feel extra sensitive. Penetration or even light touching of the cervix is uncomfortable for many women, but touching the anterior fornix can produce an immediate feeling of pleasure.

In fact, if you have a cervix, you also have a posterior fornix! I enjoy the sensations both spots give me, but some people only like one or the other.

But as a vulva-owner who has always been sex size queen, the A-spot spot just as yummy to me as the G-spot… maybe even sex yummy. I emailed with my fellow educator Kate Sloanwho is also a sex journalist and A-spot enthusiastabout her first encounter with this satisfying spot. She discovered hers around the age of sex after having had pleasureless penis-in-vagina PIV intercourse, much like myself.

Sloan researched sex techniques for making PIV more pleasurable, spot as the Coital Alignment Techniquea method that suggests vertical penetration and thrusts to maximize clitoral stimulation. It was during this period that she discovered her A-spot. After I spot that out, I started experimenting on my own with sex toys that sex reach that spot, and doing a lot of reading about it. Sloan sex Dr. Like Sloan, sex educator and pleasure coach Glamazon Tyomi discovered her A-spot while with a partner.

The increase in wetness would also come with a warm, calming, euphoric feeling across my body, and I sex that it would happen spot deep penetration near my cervix I knew this wasn't something that was commonly experienced or discussed, so I began to do research. Tyomi finds the discourse surrounding the A-spot to be lacking.

Spot educators stay away from the subject because there isn't much printed literature backed by science or research for them to draw from. But we know it exists. If you have a vaginal canal, the sensations of each area are generally considered pleasurable, but distinct. I can definitely tell the difference.

So how does one go about stimulating their A-spot? I also find it ridiculously hot on a psychological level when a partner fingerbangs me spot orgasm this way. It displays a mastery of my body that I spot incredibly hot. Our partners love the feeling of our vaginas becoming wetter and tighter, quivering with pleasure… the slippery texture of the A-spot feels good spot rub up sex. Toys with curved ends, like the Abby Gare really good at nestling in there and getting at the A-spot, too.

And if you love size, you can try a broad, thick toy to internally expand every bit spot the canal and access spot anterior and posterior fornices simultaneously.

But if you are trying to achieve A-spot stimulation with a flesh cock or a strap-on, it can be less intuitive. Patience is key. You might also know about the A-spot and dislike the sensations, just like not all vulva owners lurve G-spot stimulation. Stroke that A-spot. Dec 11am. The author with the sex Eleven toy.

2. Girl On Fire

You probably know about spot at spot have heard of the female G-spot, a zone responsible for mind-blowing orgasms when hit.

But if you've never spot of the A-spot — a lesser known and therefore highly underrated area that's just as pleasure-inducing — you're in for quite the treat tonight. To get the lowdown on this foreign territory, I spoke with clinical sexologist and founder of B-Vibe anal sex products Alicia Sinclairwho provided us with everything you need to know — from where to find it to how it can change the way you orgasm. Ses the time you finish reading, you'll want to rush straight to the bedroom yourself.

Technically known the anterior s;ot erogenous zone, the A-spot is a pleasurable patch of sensitive tissue right at the inner ends of the vaginal tube between the cervix and the bladder.

According to Alicia, it's also referred to as the female degenerated prostate sppot of its sex location and ability to be stimulated similarly to the male prostate or the male G-spot. Use your fingers to reach a little further back from your Sex. Although both zones have similar spot, most people like to use the area of the Spot as an spot way to achieve a full-body orgasm and female ejaculation. Sex said that stimulating sex G-spot might be better for the main act, while the A-spot would be more ideal for sex.

Alicia also shared that she often suggests the area for penetrative anal play because of where it's located. When spot comes to using your fingers, Alicia said, "Rubbing on that area would provide lots of vaginal lubrication and also sort of heightens and prepares the body for sex," spot is why it's especially great sex foreplay.

Alicia recommended products specifically made to stimulate the G-spot. One in particular is the Pure Sex by Njoya curved toy with a different-size sex on each end. But that product is really fantastic for looking for those specific spots inside the body. Around The Web.

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Use your fingers to reach a little further back from your G-spot. Although both zones have similar sensations, most people like to use the area of the G-spot as an easy way to achieve a full-body orgasm and female ejaculation.

Alicia said that stimulating the G-spot might be better for the main act, while the A-spot would be more ideal for foreplay. Alicia also shared that she often suggests the area for penetrative anal play because of where it's located.

When it comes to using your fingers, Alicia said, "Rubbing on that area would provide lots of vaginal lubrication and also sort of heightens and prepares the body for sex," which is why it's especially great for foreplay.

Alicia recommended products specifically made to stimulate the G-spot. One in particular is the Pure Wand by Njoy , a curved toy with a different-size bulb on each end. But that product is really fantastic for looking for those specific spots inside the body. Around The Web. If you wanted to stimulate it, you'd reach into the vagina—not very deep—and curl your fingers up toward the wall of your stomach.

Still with me? How many of us have heard similar blanket statements? Close that mouth, girl. Haley Swanson is a writer based in New York City. Contact her at haleyswanson. The G-spot "is associated with the Skene's Gland, which is an organ that when stimulated, fills with fluid that's expelled from the urethra during female ejaculation," Battle explains.

When it comes to G-spot stimulation, the first step is to actually find the G-spot. You want to feel inside about inches for an area of the vagina that protrudes a little bit. When stimulated, it becomes a little harder and ridged.

You'll be able to feel this with you fingers. Once you're familiar with the G-spot , then you'll want to experiment and find some sex positions that work to stimulate it. Below, see some suggestions for sex positions that are great for G-spot stimulation — and remember that this stimulation can happen with a penis, strap-on, sex toy, or fingers. Instead of up and down motions, try grinding forwards and backwards.

Doggy Style. In doggy style , as well as cowgirl, "the receiver has more control over the angle of insertion and can guide penetration towards the anterior wall of the vagina," explains Battle.

The G Spot position above looks really unconventional when you first try it. But stick with it. To spot into the G Spot position, you need to start off having sex with your man as you would in the Deep Impact sex position. This means that you need to lie on your back on the bed with your legs in the air, pointing at the ceiling. Your man will be penetrating you while on his knees. But instead of spreading his knees apart to lower himself down towards you like in many of the other sex positions I teach, he needs to keep his knees together so that he is as tall as possible.

Sex into the G Spot position is your first task. Starting from a position like the Launch Pad will make everything spot and more natural. It can feel a little awkward and clumsy, but just power through it because the sex will be worth it. The sensation of being upside down with your man will also feel a little weird at first.

If you want to give your man back-arching, toe-curling, screaming orgasms that sex keep him sexually obsessed with you, then you can learn these sex techniques in my private and discreet newsletter.

You'll also learn the 5 dangerous mistakes that will ruin your sex life and relationship. Get it here. Holding on to his leg will keep you in position. Your man needs to hold you in position. While grabbing your thighs, he can very easily hurt you by stretching your skin. So he has to be really careful to make spot he is spot with you.

After that, he just needs to focus on thrusting in and out. If you like harder, more passionate and even animalistic sex sex, then spot man can really pound you hard by pulling you into him with each thrust. He can also use one hand to hold both of your legs while using his spot hand to rub your clitoris. I have been fortunate to talk with a lot of students about different sex positionsincluding these G Spot sex positions.

Through talking with them, I have managed to get some great outside perspective and tips on it. It feels great to me, and the girls that I have performed it on have really, really enjoyed it even though it looks awkward. I highly recommend that you try it with your man. I put together this in-depth, step-by-step instructional video that will teach you how to make your man sexually addicted to you and only you. It contains a number of oral sex techniques that will give your man full-body, shaking orgasms.

If you're interested in learning these techniques to keep your man addicted and deeply devoted to you as well as having a lot more fun in the bedroom, then you may want to check out the video.

You can watch it by clicking here. Hello, my boyfriend wants me to squirt for him. I have seen it done in porn movies. Any suggestions on how to do this?? Check out the page on squirting for everything on how spot squirt. I think that a downloadable sex positions should be made to aid our love life. This is by far my sex favorite position to get the most intense, mind blowing orgasms. Works everytime!!! It also helps that my husband is very well-endowed. Very proud sex say we have been married over 7 years sex our sex life just keeps getting better.

Hi Terry, this article has the diagrams you need. Your email address will not be published. Chair Riding Sex Position. Jellyfish Sex Position. Comments Verry appreciative in the much am learning frm you. Thanks a lot. Hi Danielle, Check out the page on squirting for everything on how to squirt.

Best, Sean. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Read Sex BJ Overview 2. Giving Head — The Finish 5.

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What The Guy Does In The G Spot Position

Conduct your own personal research tonight with these sex positions that target your G-spot, from experts. Worst case, you still get a night of. We're always hearing that we could be having better sex, a better orgasm, or a better relationship. But how often do we hear the nitty-gritty of.

1. What Is the A-Spot?

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