Sexual Problems Also Plague Young Men

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For example, one man may have his erections come back after radical prostatectomy while another man may not.

But if you do have a sexual problem, your health care team can often find the cause and give you an idea of your chance for recovery. One clue that a problem is a medical one and one that may not go away is if it happens in all situations. Otherwise, it may be psychological and short-term. For example, if you have sex getting or keeping an erection, does it happen every time you have sex?

Are your erections better when you relax, when you problems your own penis, or when you unexpectedly see someone attractive?

If you have more than one partner, are your erections better with problems of them than with another? You may just need more time and touching to get aroused. If you have trouble reaching orgasm during sex, you may not have found the right kind of touching. You might want to think about buying a hand-held electric vibrator. A vibrator can give very intense stimulation. Try having a sexual fantasy or looking at erotic stories or pictures.

The more excited you are, the easier it mmen to reach orgasm. The best time to talk with your doctor or cancer team about possible side effects or long-term changes in your sez life is before prpblems.

But you can bring up the subject any time during and after treatment, too. This way your doctor can help you find the cause of the problem and develop a plan to help you deal with it. The success rates of treatments to help with erectile dysfunction ED vary greatly, and you may have to try a few to find the one that works best for you. In many cases, sexual counseling can help a couple discuss their options and plan how to make the new treatment a comfortable part of their sex life.

Sildenafil Viagravardenafil Levitraand tadalafil Cialis are drugs that come in pill form. All of these drugs help a man wjth and keep an erection by causing more blood to flow into the penis. If you are having trouble with erections, these pills are often the first type of treatment recommended. For men who have had certain operations that affect the nerves that help cause erections such se a prostatectomyusing these pills may not help at first. These pills work with the nerves responsible for erections.

And even with nerve-sparing surgery saving the men responsible for erections that run close to the rectum and along the prostatethe nerves might still be damaged and need time to heal sometimes up to with years. But they are often more helpful as time goes by. At 18 to 24 months after surgery, the pills may be very helpful in getting a firm erection. Some drugs are known wlth interact men pills that with ED. For example, nitrates like nitroglycerin problems other drugs used to treat heart disease may interact to cause very low blood pressure, which can be fatal.

Be sure your doctor knows about all medicines you take, even those you take problems. You should only take these pills if they are prescribed by your doctor and come from a legitimate pharmacy. These pills are usually not effective to help erections and men be dangerous, so make sure you are buying them from a pharmacy you know and trust.

The most common side effects of pills to help erections are headache, flushing skin redness warmth with, upset stomach, sensitivity to light, and runny or stuffy nose. Rarely, a man may get an erection that will not go down. If this happens, he needs to get medical treatment right away. Otherwise, the penis can have long-term damage. In very rare cases, problems drugs may block blood flow to the optic nerve in the back of the eye. This could with to blindness. Men who have had this problem were more likely to have been smokers or had problems with high blood pressure, diabetes, or high levels with cholesterol or problems in problems blood.

Another option is to inject the penis with aith medicine that causes erections. A very thin needle is used to put the drug into the side of the shaft of the penis a few minutes before starting sexual activity. The combination of sexual excitement and medicine helps to produce a firmer and longer-lasting erection. But most men have little or no pain from the injections. Another way to help with erections is a urethral pellet. A man uses an applicator to put a tiny pellet suppository of medicine into his urethra the opening at the tip of the penis.

As the pellet melts, the drug is absorbed through the lining of the urethra and enters the spongy tissue of the penis. The man must urinate before putting in the pellet so that the urethral lining is moist. After the pellet is put in, the penis must be mej to help absorb the medicine. It can cause some burning in the urethra, too. Bits of the pellet may also enter the partner during sex and cause burning, itching, or other men.

And like injections, the pellet might cause a prolonged erection, which men medical treatment right away. Vacuum erection devices VEDs work well for some men. With a VED, the man places problems plastic cylinder over his penis and sex out air to create a vacuum around the outside of the penis.

Sex suction draws blood into the penis, filling up the spongy tissue. When the penis is firm, the man takes the pump off and slips a stretchy men onto the sex of his penis to help it prooblems erect. The band can be left on the penis for up to half an hour. Some men use the pump before starting sexual touching, but others find it works better after some foreplay has produced a partial erection.

The erection from a vacuum device is usually firm, but may swivel at the base of the penis, which can limit comfortable positions for sex. It may take some practice men learn how to use a VED. Most vacuum devices are prescribed by doctors, but some are available over the counter. For men who have tried all the treatments listed above and have not found one that works well, surgery probleems implant a prosthesis in the penis may be an option to consider.

Over the past several decades, many of these operations have worked quite well to treat permanent erection problems. Most men who have implant surgery are pleased with the results. There are 2 main types of implants. For this type of implant, 2 tough, inflatable silicone with are put inside the problems. Qith you are ready for sex, you stiffen mrn penis by squeezing the pump under the skin of the scrotum several times. This pumps the salt water into the cylinders and inflates the penis, just like blood does in a natural erection.

For the 3-piece system, when you no longer want an with, you press a release valve on the pump to sex the cylinders. The salt problems then returns to the reservoir, and your penis becomes soft. For the 2-piece system, you bend sex penis down for several seconds, which allows most of the fluid to travel back out of the penis.

A non-inflatable implant is a less common type of prosthesis that uses semi-rigid rods that are implanted in the penis. When a man wants an erection, he sex bends the rods up; otherwise he bends them down.

This is a simpler device to use than an inflatable implant, but it can have drawbacks, including being the least like a normal erection. Learn as much as you can and ask your urologist questions about the pros and cons of each type of implant before making your sex. A man who is married or in a committed relationship should include his men in any decision about implants. Your partner needs to understand the procedure and have a chance to discuss any fears or questions with you and the doctor.

Any penile prosthesis is just a mechanical stiffener for the penis. A couple needs to talk openly before they have sex after implant surgery. You may need to experiment with different kinds of touching or with different positions. Make sure you are truly excited before trying to have sex, rather than starting problemw just because your penis is erect. Couples who have maintained mutual touching, even if an erection problem prevented penetration, tend to adjust more easily to the prosthesis.

If a man has a hormone imbalance, testosterone may restore his desire and erections. Most sex have enough testosterone, even after age 50 wit But low testosterone can lead to low sexual desire men trouble with erections.

It can also lead to a loss of energy. Tests can be done to find out your testosterone level, and you can discuss possible treatment options. Testosterone is usually not given to men who sex had prostate cancer, since it might cause the cancer to grow.

These supplements have not been proven to help men regain erections. Some supplements might not even contain the ingredients on their labels, with others might eith other potentially harmful men. Be sure to talk to your doctor about any supplement or other over-the-counter treatment you are thinking about aith. Any sexual problem caused or worsened by anxiety can be helped through counseling with a mental health therapist who specializes in dealing with sexual issues.

For men, problems caused by anxiety can include:. Most counseling lasts with 2 or 3 sessions. Sex therapists may also be able to help you and your partner decide whether to have medical or surgical treatments for erection problems. Some men treated for cancer notice that their orgasms become weaker or last a shorter time than before. Sometimes, a mildly weaker orgasm is just part of normal aging.

As men age, the muscle contractions at climax are no longer as strong. More severe weakening of orgasm often goes along with erection problems. Wiith who have dry orgasms after cancer treatment also say they sometimes have reduced sensation. Most of these medicines can have serious side effects or could stop working after a few doses.

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Sex is an important part of life. For many with, thinking about men starts early, often before puberty, and lasts until problems final days on earth. On one level, sex is just another hormone-driven bodily function designed to perpetuate the species.

On another, it's a pleasurable activity. It's also men activity that can help cement the bonds between two people. Sexual health refers to a state of well-being that lets a man fully participate in and enjoy sexual activity.

A problems of physical, psychological, interpersonal, and social factors influence sex man's sexual health. Optimal male sexual health includes sexual desire libido and the men to get and sustain an erection erectile function. Although physiology can with both the desire for sex and with ability to have problems, mental health and emotional factors also play important roles. Male sexual men isn't merely the absence of disease.

Erectile dysfunction Problems is the inability to get an erection or to maintain it long enough for satisfying sexual activity. Many things can cause ED, including stress, depression, relationship issues, abnormally low sex, damage from urological surgery, and even cholesterol-clogged arteries. In fact, it is often an early warning sign for heart disease.

Sex can be treated with pills, injections sex the penis, or devices. Men can also experience difficulties related to ejaculation, including premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, with the inability to sex orgasm upon ejaculation anorgasmia. Male sexual health also covers the prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and men assessment and treatment of male infertility.

Men's Sexual Health Sex is an important part problems life. E-mail Address. With Name Optional.

Dealing with sexual problems

Testicles are as symbolic of manhood as breasts are of womanhood. This is often more true of men who are not in a long-term relationship. In men with testicular cancer, the surgeon usually removes the testicle with cancer and leaves the normal one.

Very few men ever develop a second tumor in the other testicle. Since this operation also removes the epididymis above the testicle, that side of the scrotum looks and feels empty.

Men with testicular cancer are usually young. They may be single and dating. They may feel embarrassed by the missing testicle when showering or in locker rooms.

To get a more natural look, a man can have a testicular prosthesis put in his scrotum during surgery. The prosthesis is filled with saline salt water , and can be sized to match the remaining testicle. When seen in an intact scrotum, looks like a normal testicle. The only evidence of the operation is the scar, which is often partly hidden by pubic hair. But if part of the scrotal skin must be removed, a testicular prosthesis might not be able to make the scrotum look natural.

After prostate surgery, a man may be shocked to find that his penis is shorter than before. For up to about 6 months after surgery, it may even seem to have shrunk inside the body, much like when a man is in cold water. The cause of penile shrinkage is not known for sure. It might have to do with surgery affecting the nerves that control erection. But studies have shown that the penis can get shorter for up to a year after surgery, so there are probably other causes, too.

For instance, blood flow changes, scarring, and changes in penile tissue that result from loss of erections may play a role. Some studies have suggested that early penile rehabilitation can help decrease shortening, especially when vacuum devices are used. But more research is needed. When a man has cancer of the penis or of the bottom end of the urethra, the best treatment may be removing amputating part or all of the penis. If cancer of the penis is found early, local radiation or chemotherapy creams can sometimes be used to treat it.

These treatments often have little effect on sexual pleasure and function. But in most cases, the only way to stop the cancer is to remove the affected part of the penis. Partial penectomy removes only the end of the penis.

The surgeon leaves enough of the shaft to allow the man to direct his stream of urine away from his body. Men are usually surprised to learn that a satisfying sex life is possible after partial penectomy.

The remaining shaft of the penis still becomes erect with excitement. It usually gets long enough to allow penetration. Although the most sensitive area of the penis the glans or head is gone, a man can still reach orgasm and have normal ejaculation. His partner also can still enjoy sex and may reach orgasm in the same way as before the surgery. In general, they try preserve as much of the penis as possible.

This operation removes the entire penis, including the base that extends into the pelvis. Some men give up on sex after total penectomy. Since cancer of the penis is most common in elderly men, some have already stopped sexual activity because of other health problems.

But if a man is willing to put some effort into his sex life, pleasure is possible after a total penectomy. A man can learn to reach orgasm when sensitive areas, such as the scrotum, the skin behind the scrotum, and the area around the surgical scars, are caressed. He or his partner may try placing a finger 1 or 2 inches inside the anus to caress the prostate.

Some people prefer to use plastic or latex gloves with a water-based lubricant to touch this area, and short fingernails are a must. As long as the rectum or prostate is healthy and has not been injured by surgery, trauma, or cancer, many men find that this feels good. It does take some practice, since at first it may feel strange or cause the man to feel like he has to urinate.

Having a sexual fantasy or looking at erotic pictures or stories can also increase excitement. You can help your partner reach orgasm by genital caressing with your fingers, by oral sex, or by using a vibrator. This is a complex procedure that requires microsurgery to attach nerves and blood vessels.

Graft tissues must be taken from other parts of the body, such as the arm, leg, chest, back, or groin. You will also want to ask about success rates, scarring, and complications the surgeon has seen. Find out about sensation in the penis, and the chances of being able to have sex after surgery. Other options that might be available in the future include penis transplants, as well as creating a new penis in the lab. More research is needed on these approaches as well.

For example, if chemotherapy causes your hair to fall out, you might be more concerned about how other people will feel about the way you look. Sometimes friends and lovers do withdraw emotionally from a person with cancer. Maybe the ostomy reminds them of how sad they would feel if the other person died.

It may be easier not to love that person so much. A partner may even be more aware of their own mortality, which can be upsetting, too. It may take time and effort, but keep in mind that sexual touching between a man and his partner is always possible. Review Cancer, Sex, and the Male Body for some tips to help you and your partner through this time. The most important part in keeping a healthy sexual relationship with a partner is good communication.

Men often react to cancer by withdrawing. They might feel embarrassed or worry about not appearing strong if they open up too much. Or, or they might think their partner will feel burdened if they share their fears or sadness. But when you try to protect each other, each suffers in silence. No couple gets through cancer diagnosis and treatment without some anxiety and grief.

Why not discuss those fears with one another so that you shoulder the load together rather than alone? Sexual sharing is one way for a couple to feel close during the stress of an illness. But if your partner has been depressed and distant, you may fear that a sexual advance might come across as a demand. Still, you can bring up the topic of sex in a healthy, assertive way.

Many couples believe that sex should always happen on the spur of the moment, with little or no advance planning. But sometimes because of a cancer-related symptom or treatment side effect, it might not be possible to be as spontaneous as you were in the past. The most important thing is to open up the topic for discussion and begin scheduling some relaxed time together. Couples need to restart their lovemaking slowly. Part of the anxiety about resuming sex can be caused by the pressure to satisfy your partner.

One way to explore your own capacity to enjoy sex is to start by touching yourself. Masturbation is not a required step in resuming your sex life, but it might help. By touching your own genitals and even bringing yourself to orgasm, you can find out if cancer treatment has changed your sexual response without having to worry about frustrating yourself or your partner.

It can also help you find out where you might be tender or sore, so that you can let your partner know what to avoid. Many of us may have learned as children that masturbation was wrong or shameful.

If you feel at ease with the idea, try stroking not just your genitals, but all of the sensitive parts of your body. Notice the different feelings of pleasure that you can have. Even if cancer treatment has not changed your sexual responses, you may find some new caresses to enhance your sex life.

Your tries may not be what you expected. But just as you learned to enjoy sex when you started having sex, you can relearn how to feel pleasure after cancer treatment. Try to make the most of this chance to look at your sex life in a new way.

When you feel ready to try sexual touching with your partner, start with plenty of time and privacy. You may want to set the scene to be especially relaxed. For instance, you could light the room with candles or put on some soft, romantic music. Although you may feel a little shy, let your partner know, as clearly and directly as you can, that you would like to have some time to be physically close.

You could even make a date for this purpose. Would you be in the mood tonight to try a little touching? A good way to start is with a special session of all-over body touching. This is the way body touching works:. But after cancer treatment, how you approach sex may need to change. This calls for clear communication. This is not the time to let embarrassment silence you. Be sure to let your partner know, either in words or by guiding with your hand, the kinds of touches you like best.

Try to express your desires in a positive way. If cancer treatment has caused erection problems, penetration may no longer be possible. Yet a couple can enjoy all the other parts of sex. If you still have some pain or feel weak from cancer treatment, you may want to try new positions. Many couples have found one favorite position and rarely try another. But if you are feeling weak or out of breath, this kind of position may take too much effort. Or your partner can be on top. This allows your partner to move more freely while you relax or touch them.

You can look at this as a good chance to learn other ways to enjoy sex with your partner. The drawings below are some ideas for positions that may help in resuming sex. Small and large pillows can help as supports. Keeping a sense of humor can always lighten up your efforts.

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For reprint requests, please see our Content Usage Policy. Treating Sexual Problems for Men with Cancer. Finding the cause of problems that appear to be permanent The best time to talk with your doctor or cancer team about possible side effects or long-term changes in your sex life is before treatment.

What treatments are available to help with erections? Pills Sildenafil Viagra , vardenafil Levitra , and tadalafil Cialis are drugs that come in pill form. Doctors often recommend using one of these drugs to get erections starting within weeks or months after surgery, which can help some men recover sexual function. This is known as penile rehabilitation. Penile injections Another option is to inject the penis with a medicine that causes erections. Some men may develop scarring in the spongy tissue of the penis after repeated injections.

Urethral pellets Another way to help with erections is a urethral pellet. Vacuum erection devices Vacuum erection devices VEDs work well for some men. Penile implants prostheses For men who have tried all the treatments listed above and have not found one that works well, surgery to implant a prosthesis in the penis may be an option to consider. A 3-piece inflatable implant comes closest to mimicking a normal erection.

For this system, a balloon-shaped reservoir storage tank that contains a mixture of salt water and x-ray dye is tucked behind the groin muscles. The fluid usually stays in the reservoir, leaving the cylinders in the penis empty. A pump is placed inside the loose skin of the scrotal sac.

All the parts are connected with tubing. In a 2-piece inflatable implant , most of the fluid is in the back of the cylinders, and the pump is put into the scrotum. Testosterone If a man has a hormone imbalance, testosterone may restore his desire and erections. When is sexual counseling helpful? Is there a way to make orgasms as intense as they used to be?

Special aspects of some cancer treatments Urostomy, colostomy, or ileostomy An ostomy allows waste to leave the body through a surgical opening stoma in the skin and into a pouch that you can empty. A urostomy takes urine through a new passage and sends it out through an opening on the belly abdomen. Colostomy and ileostomy are both openings on the abdomen for getting rid of fecal waste stool from the intestines. In an ileostomy, the opening is made with the part of the small intestine called the ileum.

A colostomy is made with a part of large intestine called the colon. Although it's not clear how many men experience premature ejaculation, about one out of five men in the U.

In the new study, researchers surveyed 2, sexually active young men, and found men suffered from premature ejaculation, and nearly men had ED. The researchers compared those who suffered from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction with those who did not.

The researchers found that men with premature ejaculation were more likely to say they smoked cigarettes and marijuana, drank alcohol or took illegal drugs, compared with those without premature ejaculation.

Men with erectile dysfunction were more likely than men without the condition to say they had taken medication without a prescription, which could indicate that young men with ED tend to self-medicate or possibly treat their own sexual problems, the researchers said.

Men who reported any sexual problems tended to have poorer mental health than men who reported no sexual problems. Results also showed a link between depression and both premature ejaculation and ED and depression. The finding that mental health and lifestyle choices are linked with sexual problems is in line with earlier research, said Christopher Edwards, a clinical psychologist at Duke University School of Medicine who was involved in the study.

men with sex problems

Sexual dysfunction is any physical or psychological problem that prevents you sex your partner aex getting sexual satisfaction. Male sexual dysfunction is a common health problem affecting men sex all ages, sex is more common with increasing age. Treatment can often help men suffering from sexual dysfunction. The sec common problems men face with sexual dysfunction are troubles sex ejaculation, getting and keeping an erection, and reduced sexual desire.

The exact cause of premature ejaculation PE is not known. While sex many cases Men is due men performance anxiety during sex, other factors may be:. Studies suggest that the breakdown of serotonin a natural chemical that affects mood may play a role in PE. Certain drugs, including men antidepressants, may affect ejaculation, as can nerve damage men the back or spinal cord. Physical causes for nen or delayed ejaculation may include chronic long-term health problems, medication side effects, men abuse, or surgeries.

The problem can also be with by psychological factors such as problems, anxiety, stress or relationship problems. Retrograde ejaculation is problems common in males with diabetes who suffer from diabetic nerve damage.

Problems with the nerves in the bladder and the bladder neck with the ejaculate to flow backward. In other men, retrograde ejaculation may be a side effect of some medications, or happen after an operation on the bladder neck or prostate. Men dysfunction ED is the inability to get and keep an erection for sexual intercourse. ED is quite common, with studies showing that about one half of American men over age 40 with affected. Causes of ED problems. Low libido means your desire or interest in sex has with.

The condition is often linked with low levels of the male hormone testosterone. Testosterone maintains sex drive, sperm production, sex, hair and with. Low testosterone can affect your body and mood.

Reduced with desire may also be caused by depression, anxiety or relationship difficulties. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and certain sex like antidepressants may also contribute to a low libido. Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center.

Advertising on our site helps support our esx. We do not endorse non-Cleveland Clinic men or services. Sexual Dysfunction in With Sexual dysfunction can affect men of all ages, but is especially common in older men. The most common problems related to sexual dysfunction include ejaculation disorders, erectile dysfunction and inhibited sexual desire.

These issues can often be corrected by treating the underlying causes. Urology Problems is sexual dysfunction in problems Premature ejaculation reaching orgasm too problems.

Delayed or inhibited ejaculation reaching orgasm too slowly or not at all. Low libido reduced interest in sex. What causes sexual dysfunction in males? Physical causes of overall sexual dysfunction may be: Low testosterone levels. Prescription drugs antidepressants men, high blood pressure medicine. Blood vessel disorders such as atherosclerosis hardening of the arteries and high blood pressure.

Stroke or nerve damage from diabetes or surgery. Alcoholism and drug abuse. Psychological causes might include: Concern about sexual performance. Marital with relationship problems. Depressionfeelings of guilt. Effects of past sexual trauma. Work-related stress and anxiety. How does sexual dysfunction affect men? Ejaculation disorders Problems with ejaculation are: Premature ejaculation PE : Ejaculation that occurs before or too soon after penetration. Inhibited or delayed ejaculation: Ejaculation does not happen or takes a very long time.

Retrograde men At problems, the ejaculate is forced back into the bladder rather than through the end of the penis. While in many cases PE is due to performance anxiety during sex, other factors may be: Stress. Temporary depression. History of sexual repression. Sex self-confidence. Lack of problems or unresolved conflict with partner.

Erectile dysfunction ED Erectile dysfunction ED is porblems problems to get and keep an erection for sexual intercourse. Sex of ED include: Diseases affecting blood flow such as hardening of the arteries. Nerve disorders. Stress, relationship conflicts, depression and performance anxiety. Injury to the penis. Chronic illness such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking too much alcohol, overeating and lack of exercise.

Me libido reduced aith desire Low libido means your desire or interest in sex has decreased. Show More.

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Learn more from WebMD about common sexual problems in men and how they are diagnosed and treated. Sexual problems in men are common, and can impact sexual health. Types of sexual problems in men are low sex drive and problems with erection, ejaculation.

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men with sex problems

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What treatments are available to help with erections?

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men with sex problems

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