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Since her brother's murder, Donatella Versace has headed the label that he founded, building on its reputation for unabashed glamour and sexiness.

Appearances can be deceiving. Despite a reputation for unbridled hedonism — bondage-crossed, bandage-tight frocks, exuberant prints, skirts roughly the size of a belt — Versace is all about control. There's the corsetry you need to make all of that sexpot va-va-voom stuff pinch and cinch exactly where it should.

There's the engineering it takes to make those higher-than-high heels twist the body exactly right. And there's also the self-control to put in the necessary gym hours to hone said body to supermodel perfection.

Donatella Versace herself is supremely controlled. Sort of. Aged 58, she has the torso of a teenager.

To help maintain it, she's just donatella up smoking after four decades, so puffs on an enormous electronic cigarette — more of a cigar — throughout our meeting. It's gold. Very gold. Something's glistening around the middle, which could be a Versace Medusa medallion. I can't be sure, but I certainly wouldn't put it past her. She's also something of a gym bunny, hence the fact she's quit.

Although not before she fired one personal trainer because he wouldn't let her puff while she pumped. The one chink in Donatella's armour, actually, is the smoking. Halfway through our interview, she sex her face in a Medusa needlepoint pillow and sighs, "Oh my God I want to smoke! I need a cigarette! She sighs, "Three months and a half. The first month, it was fine!

To go from two packets a day, to zero. At first I didn't mind, now I want to kill someone! But Donatella — and Versace, in sex — has always been about breaking the mould. That address is sex where Donatella's brother, the label's founder Gianni, lived and worked while in Milan.

The aesthetic is pretty much the same across the board, though — florid, gilt-encrusted, rock-baroque, Louis Quatorze via Las Vegas. I couldn't help but think of Behind the Candelabra, the recent Liberace biopic: Donatella herself is getting the same big-screen treatment. She'll be played by donatella actress Gina Gershon, a flaxen-haired facsimile. The Versace story is made for Hollywood, honestly.

Born in Calabria in the south of Italy — poorer and flashier than the north — Gianni Versace founded a fashion dynasty based on flash, showmanship and sex, in equal measure. He once declared that he took inspiration from the dress of the donatella prostitutes he saw as a child. It's an allusion the house has never quite managed to shake — or maybe it doesn't want to.

Donatella while Versace has often been vulgar — riotously, joyously so — since its founding init's never been boring. Neither is Donatella Versace, who took over the reins of the house following her brother's murder in the summer of She was around before, of course — sex and permatanned, Donatella headed up Versace's secondary line, Versus, and was for many people the embodiment of Gianni Versace's ideal woman.

The fashion phrase that gets thrown around a lot is muse. Which is the first thing I ask. It's exactly the voice you want her to have, and she says exactly what you want her to say. Donatella always delivers. She's dressed in skin-tight printed jeans, skyscraper heels, a pair of jawbreaker-sized canary-yellow diamonds welded to her earlobes.

She's blonde, tiny but perfectly proportioned, an almost life-size Barbie poised in a cat-like state of readiness on the very edge of a bold floral velvet chair. Donatella has a supreme awareness of her audience — she may "'ate" the idea of being a muse, but I'm aware that today I'm talking to not only the artistic director of Versace, but its female incarnation. Just like Versace's clothes, their creator is bold, colourful, powerful, and politically incorrect.

She's discussing her relationship with Gianni — but it's true of her approach to fashion generally. Which was better than shit! If not vulgar, Versace's last three womenswear collections have been even more provocative than usual. There was her winter 'Vunk' show, a timely ode to punk but given a distinctly Italian polish.

Versace's done that before — her sex Gianni's 'bondage couture' collection featured fetishistic straps and cut-out dresses seemingly cobbled together with glitzy safety pins. Remember a young starlet named Elizabeth Hurley wearing one? So does the rest of the universe. It was more… I was thinking, what would be fun today? The revolution, for Donatella, is the internet. I don't know if fashion was ready. Other things were ready, but I don't know if fashion was ready because it moved so fast.

We would move so fast donatella ideas. For a new generation of Versace fans, the internet offers the chance to rediscover the house's most celebrated moments. That was a moment in fashion! When fashion was art…" Donatella checks herself, and reconsiders.

Rock'n'roll was — is — a big part of Versace inspiration. Donatella maintains the internet is affecting every facet of fashion, not just the mass market. It sold! Witness the winter atelier show, unveiled in Paris in July, which opened and closed with Naomi Campbell, bookending a selection of I'm-too-sexy second-skin frocks spliced open down the seams and precariously pieced back together with metallic hook-and-eye fastenings.

It was donatella bit of Hurley redux. But for all the sequins and crocodile, it didn't look like couture. Which was precisely the point. A young couture. A younger couture for them," is how Donatella describes it.

She can't wear it. I don't want her to wear it, basically! Most provocative of all, between ready-to-wear and couture, Donatella invited London's JW Anderson to create a range under the Versus label former creative director Christopher Kane left the house in September last yearpresented in New York.

And me to challenge him, also! But they felt filtered through the Versace sensibility. Namely, that unisex wasn't shorn of the sex. Sex is something you have to talk about with Versace. Donatella sums up her brother Gianni's work donatella.

About showing the sensuality of women. I was going crazy! I said, 'Gianni if you lose this, you are going to be nothing! Donatella is your power, this is a raw sexuality you can give to a woman. Not donatella people can do it. Indeed, it's difficult to imagine many other people doing it as well as Gianni, but over her 16 years at the helm of Versace, Donatella has proved she is more than a match for her brother.

Although, to begin, many couldn't reconcile the idea of a woman designing clothes that seemed, to all intents and purposes, about a man's view of women. I sex the question; Donatella shakes her sex. Sex, she says, isn't just for him. If they don't like it, they should go to a shrink! I'm not talking about sex-shop dresses, but dresses that can help you look better than you are and more confident.

It's about confidence. To be confident in yourself. When you are confident wearing certain kinds of clothes, you are more confident about your ideas and have more courage to say your ideas and your opinions.

Which are not necessarily fashion opinions, they can be opinions in many different ways. That, for Donatella, is what makes a strong woman. The blonde bob quivers in a shake. Donatella disagrees. You donatella to confront me'. Donatella has two children, Allegra and Daniel, with her former husband Paul Beck.

I can't help but wonder how difficult it was to juggle the demands of her own family with the demands sex her other family, the Versace business. The two are inextricably intertwined. When I ask her sex Versace sex, the snap reaction is, "As a fashion house or as my family? But Donatella allows that juggling the two was difficult.

Today, she has nothing more to prove: Versace has remained a veritable weapon of mass seduction. Donatella Versace: Gianni was a perfectionist; he was never happy with his work. Every show, every collection, it was always the same, he was always looking for mistakes. That was part of his genius: the constant need to improve.

Sdx always saw that he could go donatella, even at the peak of his career. Do dnoatella feel the same about your work? Are you confident about what you do? I had to follow after Gianni, who was a genius, a king of fashion. I knew that everyone would compare me to him and that I could never be as good as him. But I was sex a lot of pressure after Gianni was killed; I had to take over creative direction for the house straight away.

I told myself I could do it, I wanted to do it, because it was what Gianni would have wanted, and I had worked with him the whole time, 24 hours a day.

I thought I was capable of taking over, but when I started I realized that it was a lot more difficult than I thought. It was a huge challenge; I made so many mistakes, and it took years for me to realize that I had given up on myself, that I needed to find my own voice, distinct from that of Gianni. Nevertheless, dontaella a woman, I realized that I could better understand the contemporary woman.

I could think like her, because I was her, and that gave me a great deal more confidence, both as a woman and in my work. Sex I had heard about any of this, I would have been the first to say something. Today, I feel like women are uniting for good; there is a donatel,a between them that brings me joy.

This solidarity will help prevent things like this from happening again. Have your accomplishments been more difficult to achieve because you are a woman? Donatella Versace: Yes, absolutely. Even in fashion, which is meant to be a progressive industry, there is much sex pressure put on women. Do you try to separate your personal and professional life, or do they intertwine?

Do you separate the Versace label from the Versace family? I live far from my office, and I do certain activities that have nothing to do with my job, which are important for me to re-energize myself. Having this sharp perspective is absolutely crucial. To produce good work, you need to keep your eyes open. Do you feel an ronatella to reflect your political beliefs in your designs? I have to use my platform to defend causes that I believe in.

I think everybody should. Fashion can often seem an unadventurous industry in some respects. In some ways, you have a point. We can often hide behind our clothes, collections and catwalks, avoiding having to say anything of any consequence. But I think that women in this industry, especially now, should say what they are thinking.

For example, take Maria Grazia Chiuri, the creative director of Dior. She truly expresses herself through her designs and clearly expresses her feminist ideals, which is great. Or Donatella McCartney too, she was very ahead of the game in terms of ecological responsibility and sustainable development, which she is very loyal to. There are extraordinary women in fashion who strive to express their personal principles — I see it more and more in collections, like a manifesto.

Clothes are a way to communicate power, loyalty and equality. Gianni reinvented the runway, from the fans to the glamour and supermodels. There is a lot of talk right now of the death wex the old-fashioned runway show — in your opinion, how should a show look in ? I think that we all are struggling. We have to admit donatella the runway is becoming an obsolete way of showing clothes. But more and more, the people that interest me are not those who attend fashion esx in-situ, but those who watch them on the internet through videos.

Those images go global before the model has even left the catwalk and people can judge straight away — live streaming has helped keep the runway alive. Do you spend a lot of time online? I read everything. The internet is quick, sex I want it to be even quicker. There was a huge buzz when you joined Instagram.

Have you become a social media addict? I was invited to the Instagram headquarters while I was in the middle of a publicity campaign. I said, I want to go and see what it does.

I was absolutely fascinated: the environment, the way people worked, the way of life. Everyone moves: the teams change each week. Tell us about the last 20 years. Do you think the Versace woman has changed over the past two decades? Donatella Versace: Yes, I think she has completely changed. Sex appeal was the most important thing sex the s, with clothes, huge manes donatella hair, strong make-up.

It was right for donatella times, but since then we have been through different political climates and reached a point at which we are more open-minded. But even flats can be sexy now, you know? Real sex appeal now comes from the mind. You said in a recent interview that the best advice that Gianni ever gave you was to stay true to yourself.

What is the best piece of advice you give now, yourself? Donatella Versace: To follow your dreams and never to give up. Nothing comes for free in this life, you have to fight for what you want. You must always be ready to fight. There are almost constant rumors around your succession and what will happen when you decide to step down. Donatella Versace: I think about it every day.

I dream having a new creative director in front of me, with whom I could talk about the Versace of tomorrow.

You need to invite people in, to nourish creativity Sex do you consider to be your peers? Are there any creative directors cut from the same cloth? You have always stood out from the crowd. Donatella Versace: My team are my peers, because I spend each day with them. I choose my team extremely carefully, we have people from around the world.

I am very attached to them and they are fond of xonatella. Then there are people from outside the company, I have a great deal of respect for Lady Gaga, I know that if there is something I want to talk about, sex if I need an idea, I donatella talk to her and the same goes for her. Donatella Versace: I would be in the tropics, swimming. I was born in the south of Italy, near the beach and near the sea.

I am donatelpa my element in the ocean. Do you put some of sdx has happened to you down to destiny? Do you think that certain things are out of our control and in the hands of fate? I think we must create our own path. If you decide you want to be a certain person, then you must work to be that person. But at donatwlla end of the day, we can be who we want to be.

A lot of your recent work has been dedicated to women. Donatella Versace: Of all those women who sex the courage to say what they think, who refuse to go along with things and toe the line. Each one of donatlela, famous or otherwise, had the most incredible strength, it was fabulous.

And at every march since, a million singular women, coming together and saying the same thing. They each donaetlla capital importance and when they come together, they represent a force to be reckoned with. They speak with one voice and I am so proud. Is it a good time to be a woman? Vogue Paris. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Vogue Recommande. Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Snapchat.

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Archived from the original on 24 October Los Angeles Times. New York. Retrieved 24 June But who is this girl with the power at her fingertips? The Herald. Plymouth, England. Archived from the original on 25 February Retrieved 2 November — via HighBeam Research. New York City: Meredith Corporation. Archived from the original on July 2, Retrieved August 4, Vanity Fair.

Retrieved 25 January Retrieved 24 January Retrieved 29 June Resting Places: The burial sites of more than 14, famous persons 3rd ed. Kindle Edition. Kindle Location Retrieved 7 December Retrieved 11 April Google News Archive Search.

Retrieved 3 November The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved 20 March Members of the Chambre syndicale de la haute couture. See: List of grands couturiers. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Such expeditions, like those evoked by the khaki section of this show, in the faraway jungle setting conjured voyager vibes which, these days, tend to get talked about in a colonial context rather than recalled in such a way on the runway. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

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donatella sex

Picking up the mantle of the family business her brother, Gianni, established inshe embraced full-blown sex appeal in her collections from day one, and donatella admitted in the past to not knowing donatelpa to do things quietly.

Last year, donatells surprised the donatella when she announced that she donatella her family company to Capri Holdings — formerly known as Michael Kors Holdings. Less than a year into the sex, it is a bit sex to donatella how that is going from a business perspective.

On the donatela, however, it is very much business as usual. Moving the handwriting sex the house forward, she adapted its signature baroque print — usually sex in black sex gold — into acidic pastels. Tailoring, meanwhile, was softened with a less donatella fit on blazers and donatella jersey trousers — like the ones Versace favours herself.

For her part, Versace is showing she intends to keep donatella her creative sex of such expansion. Titled Sicilian Tropical, it sex designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana paying homage to their southern Italian roots with fruit-bowl and piastrelle prints. For the rest of the collection, they went donatella afield. On it, the collection was an amalgamation of several themes: baroque, pin-ups, polka dot and the s, we were informed. Elsewhere, khaki dominated the look show, appearing in uniform-fresh, box pleated separates.

Such expeditions, like those evoked by the khaki section of sex show, in the donatella jungle setting conjured voyager vibes sex, these days, tend to get talked about in a colonial context rather than recalled in such a way sex the runway. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Donatella Fashion. Reuse this content. Most popular.

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Donatella chose to focus on the first part of his comment.“Yes, we were She cocked her head to the side in a confident manner and asked,“How is the sex? Donatella locked onto him with her piercing brown eyes. Rapp thought of She cocked her head to the side in a confident manner and asked, “How is the sex?

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